Top ten countries visiting Sri Lanka


tourists arrivals to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is increasing becoming popular tourist destination among world travellers. For over thousand years from india to Far East ,Chinese to Arab traders has visited this Indian Ocean island. when the Europeans started conquering the world, Sri Lanka became one of Their hot spots. Starting from Portuguese ,Dutch to English .the lush green tropical island was full with spices and gems.

not to be forgotten the wild life filled island was popular hunting ground  during the English colonial time .

still Sri Lanka is famous for its spices and gems . tea plantation culture was introduced to us during the colonial English time. Sri Lanka still holds the top position as a world best tea producing countries in the world . Ceylon tea and Ceylon cinnamon,known as true cinnamon are two products  which earned a name for its quality and the originality.

Top reasons modern tourists visit Sri Lanka .

unlike in the past the world travellers has discovered this island as one of the must visit island in their life time .

  • the prestine beaches  of Sri Lanka

being a island Sri Lanka has sandy beaches stretched over miles around the island .

  • Sub tropical climate

all year around good weather for sun seeking travellers ,even one part of the island getting rain ,you can still look for sunny spots on a different part of the island.

  • scenic beauty

from tropical jungles to misty mountains ,tea plantations ,water falls , hundreds of rivers ,lakes and lagoons

  • amazing wildlife

from big to small variety of wild animals ,elephants,bears ,leopards ,Wales ,Dolphins  birds and butterflies.

  • historical sites

from ancient kingdoms to temples ,shrines ,fortifications,churches and world heritage sites like Sigirya,polonnaruwa,dambulla ,Kandy ,Galle .

  • authentic food

having ruled under many nations and being explored to many ancient visiting traders like Arabs ,Sri lanka has one of its kind version of cuisine which has been passed from generation to generation. The fresh tropical fruits and vegetables to abundant sea food in their meals ,Sri lanka is becoming a sought after destination for a foodies.

  • word class accommodation

from simple home home stay to super luxury accommodations available in almost every part of the island. The genuinely friendly Sri Lankans are welcoming nation who will always happy to help the visitors to their country.

  • safety and security

when traveling to any country what comes in to our mind is whether the destination is safe for travel . Sri Lanka is at top as a safe destination to travel with this current word scenario.


The snap shot of tourists arrivals to Sri Lanka between 2016 to 2017.

  1. indian tourist were among top travellers visiting Sri Lanka . The short flight time and the value for money is one of the main reason for the increase .there were around 110,891 arrivals up to April 2017.colombo is very famous among shopping loving Indian tourists.
  2. there were around 99,045 Arrival from China by April 2017 ,with the increase of larger investments projects by China in Sri Lanka  ,Chinese tourists find is as a ideal holiday destination. Chinese tourists find  Sri Lankan Chinese food ,the Sri Lankan version of Chinese food is better than their home countries.
  3. there were 76,978 tourists arrival from United Kingdom by April 2017 . Sri Lanka is still very famous among English travellers since Sri Lanka has lot of of colonial heritance still evident today. nuwaraeliya is a must visit English type hill country holiday retreat,where you can enjoy a hot cup of Ceylon black tea in chilling weather.
  4. Germans love Sri Lanka for its friendly people.they come mainly for aurvedic treatments. When thinking of a healing holiday Sri Lanka is a must visit destination. the island is blessed with herbal plants and spices .54,256 German tourists has arrived in Sri Lanka by Apri 2017.
  5. sun seeking European choose clean Sri Lankan beaches compared to other south Asian countries. French tourists are among top five countries visiting Sri Lanka on holiday .there were 48,861 French tourists arrivals by April 2017.
  6. Russians tourists arrivals to Sri Lanka  has increased up to 31,067 by April 2017.they wealthy Russians of course loving Sri Lankan gems and of course the Sri Lankan teas . They prefer to stay in large villa type of bungalows by the beach in Sri Lanka
  7. with better flight connection from Australia ,the tourists arrival from Australia has gone up .there were 24,929 tourist by April 2017 from Austria to Sri Lanka.from Sri Lankan sightseeings to elephants and leopards watching were very popular among the Australians.historic sites visist were top for them.
  8. the negbouring maldivian also choose Sri Lanka as a tourist destination.the variety of things you can do and see other than beaches being the main reason the Maldivian love Sri Lanka.there were 24,632 Maldivian tourists to Srilanka by April .
  9. many think American tourists won’t travel as far as Sri Lanka .but there were 20,615 arrivals by April from USA. many tourists from America has added Sri Lanka to their bucket list.
  10. Ukraine has become the one of the top 10 countries to visit Sri Lanka .there were 16,778 Ukrainian tourists arrival.the good flight connection from Russian region countries to Sri Lanka and the safety for those travellers was top reason for the increase of tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka.

Reference .

the statistics for tourists arrivals to Srilanka is from the annual report from Sri Lanka tourism promotion bureau.