is tourist get attacked by wild animals in Sri Lanka

elephants attack which has become a every day problem in Sri Lankan villages among locals. Even though Attacks from crocodiles rarely to be heard.

there are considerable number of incidents per year in Sri Lanka where locals die from animal attacks such as snake bites,elephants attacks and crocodiles attacks Sri Lanka.

the lost of habitat for elephants in Sri Lanka has prompted these animals to come to villages to looking for water and food.
rapid developments and deforestation has caused human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka.

It is possible to encounter a wild elephant when you staying in a accommodation closer to nature.
it is just not a safari trip that you see these wild elephants.

In SriLankan villages specially the one in north central provinces such as Dambulla ,Habarana,Sigirya,Minnneriya spotting a wild elephant is easy as you passing alone the jungles patches on the main road.

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka must take extra care when visiting the areas with the wild animals presence.

Sometimes you hear tragic stories like recent death of British holiday maker attacked by a crocodile while trying to wash his hand in the lagoon .this incident happened near to the elephant rock by famous surfers area in Arugambay in the east coast of Sri Lanka.

Patchy overgrown jungle scrubs should be always avoided.just don’t walk in to woodlands that you don’t know.



Trekking through juggles of Sri Lanka should only be done with someone who know the area better .
it is not good enough to have a Google safari map or a Google jungle app.

ask from your hotel reception whether the area is safe enough to have a walk around in the dusk.

What not to do with wild elephants

Getting closer to elephants to take a snap is not a good idea at all.
if you are on a safari tour please make sure that you always follow the advise of the ranger.
you will never able to predict a behaviour of a wild elephant.
Some safari jeep drivers trying to get very closer to the animals to give their guests a closer photo opportunity.but as a responsible traveller you can always say no to these kind of activities.

lagoons,rivers,lakes are not safer to take swim or dip. Specially the marshy and overgrown areas with jungle patches. You will hardly identity a presence of a crocodile or other dangerous reptile in those spots.

If you are going for a Scot in the jungle ask from a local whether the area is safe enough to do so.

It is best to avoid any trekking or walks in the night.
the snake and other reptiles attacks are very common in the night.
Carrying a torch and accompany with a local is always advisable when even going for a small walk in less inhabited areas in the night.

be safe and enjoy the nature and animal of Sri Lanka on your holiday.