Hiring a car in Sri Lanka


Why you need to hire a car with a driver in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan roads are busy and chaotic .on the other hand you are on a holiday and the purpose of your Sri Lankan holiday is to enjoy the country ,but as you would expect some adventure in to your travelling ,you can try-to-relax while looking out of the vehicle.

The conditions of Sri Lankan roads need lot of attention ,there are no separate pavements and lanes for pedestrians or cyclists on most parts of the island,even in big cities like Colombo.
The same road is use by pedestrians,cyclists and animal traffic.

Country roads in Sri Lanka also narrow and pot holes are almost everywhere .lot of drivers try to overtake even in these narrow busy roads and hardly show any patience.

Sri Lankan bus drivers and three wheel drivers ,tuk tuks has been criticised by public due to lot of accidents happened due to negligence and reckless driving practices for recent years.

Whether you are a solo traveller ,a couple or a family travelling to Sri Lanka .The best way to explore the island is hiring a car and driver. Tourist drivers in Sri Lanka will do their best to satisfy their guests ,having driving tourist around the country for many years they know what guests expect from them ,they are safe drivers ,giving lot of attention to the safety of their passengers.

How much is the cost to driver hire in Sri Lanka

the cost is quite reasonable ,which is about US$ 60 a day for a air -conditioned (5 door ) car which will comfortably Carry up to 3 people .

Drivers don’t charge for the number of people travelling in a vehicle .the price determines by the type of vehicle you are hiring.

you will need to hire a van if your party is about 4 adults .

If you are a couple with two small kids ,a car will be fine ,.try to hire a spacious vehicle in that case rather than a small car.

Unless you are taking a transfer from and to the airport . The tourist won’t be travelling around in the night in Sri Lanka .your driver will try to bring you to your destination or hotel maximum by 7 to 8 clock in the night according to your tour plan.

How much distance you should travel in Sri Lanka.

depends on your tour itinerary ,tourist usually take about 4 to 5 hours journey in a vehicle . You will have lot of stopovers on your way .( one thing is speed limit in Sri Lankan cities which is 50km per hour and 70 km per hour in out of cities ).
Drivers normally cover about 60 km in general and about 35 km in hill areas per day .

Which routes should you take in Sri Lanka

When you are coming from the Sri Lankan international airport ,and if your stay happens to be in one of the accommodation in southern beaches ,you have to travel via Colombo .
Taking the Colombo -airport express route will take you to Colombo within 30 minutes -( speed limit 100km ) from there on you can travel to southern part of the island using southern express way cutting down your journey time for about 2 hours to reach to Galle.

Even though Driving Down the normal road -to southern beaches take some considerable time it will be a journey of a life time since you will be passing lot of coastal towns along the way.

If you are coming from the airport and travelling to Kandy (central hills ) the journey will take about 3 hours. still the Kandy -Colombo express way is under construction.

If you are coming from the airport and travelling towards Dambulla or Sigiriya to north central of the island the usual journey time is around 4 hours.

Should you start your tour straight if you arriving to Sri Lanka in a night flight

As most of the tourist do ( practical) they start their Sri Lankan Holiday with a tour around the country and then spend couple of days at their favourite beaches .

Assuming you arriving to the airport not later than 5 pm , please also do consider it take some time to come through immigration and clearance of bags ,depends on the days and time .it may take up to one and half hour to some times more to come and meet you’re driver at the lobby.

Depending on which route you take either to north ,north central , central hills ,east coast you can start straight from the airport (journey times vary ).

If your flight happens to arrive to Sri Lanka after 5 pm and between 2 am ,4 am in the morning it is recommended to take a transit stay in a nearby cities like Negombo,marawila,kochikade.

Well again depends on which country you are coming and your whole flight time determine how much rest you should take before starting the tour .

How to plan a tour with a driver

Most of the drivers speak good English ,so having a separate tour guide for your journey is unnecessary unless you need a specific foreign language speaking guide or a driver (which is also possible in Sri Lanka ).
Most of the tourist sightseeings like Sigirya,dambulla,polonnaruwa,Anuradhapura,Kandy,Galle,Royal botanical gardens have on site tour guides where you can hire them separately if needed.

If you are staying in 4 to 5 start hotels most of the time the hotels have facilities for the drivers to spend the night .but if you are staying in budget or any other type of accommodation including boutique hotels drivers have to find own accommodation somewhere near.

When deciding on the tour prices drivers usually quote while taking these facts in to consideration. which they need around 15 dollars per day to cover for the accommodation and food.

Drivers are knowledgable enough to find you a good accommodation within your budgets .they know best hotels and places to eat in Sri Lanka. Sometimes pre -booking is unnecessary( except star class hotels for high seasons) if you are doing a budget tour since you will be able to find the accommodation on the -go.

How much tip should you give to the drivers in Sri Lanka.

This is seems like dying culture for most part of the world today,but still the drivers in Sri Lanka expect at least some sort of tip at the end of their services. which is usually around 10 % (or 100% if you like )from the total price of the tour.

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